In November 1993 in The Lower Silesia in Wałbrzych the group of enthusiasts brought a non-governmental organization into being which is named The Silesian Association of Handicapped People. The aims of the association were introduced in 6 basic areas:

1.   A multilateral integration of the environment of hadicapped people through organizing cultural, sports, touristand educational activities.
2.   Formation conditions to rehabilitation of handicapped people and initiation of liquidation architectural barriers.
3.  Organizing activities for handicapped around important social issues connected with European integration, environmental protection, counteracting social pathology concerning drug addiction and alcoholism.
4.   Supporting social ladder given to handicapped by governmental and council institutions.
5.   Formation conditions of active participation of handicapped in social, economic, cultural and educational life.
6.   Co-operation with related associations both domestic and foreign for the benefit of supporting of handicapped. 

    Work of association is based on social activity of its members and has got a voluntary nature. Finances for activity the association gets from donations and subsidies received from communal, provincial and governmental administration. The association realizes its aims through varied actions. It is an organizer of rallies for the handicapped (there have already been 5), sports-recreational galas for handicapped children ( there have already been 3), tournaments, cultural activities, for example : The tournament of the knowledge about European Union, rehabilitation in the swimming pool, learning foreign language, etc. The association leads an integral club for handicapped with classes once a week and an environmentally-integral common room for handicapped children with a computer room. The association is under management which contains 6 members with its chairwoman-Master of Arts- Bożena Wiernik.
    The association is seated in Wałbrzych under the following address : Dolnośląskie Stowarzyszenie Osób Niepełnosprawnych in Wałbrzychu, postcode 58-304 Wałbrzych at 187 gen. Władysław Anders Street, telephone - 0048 74 8415453, mobile phone*48606971983. E.mail,:dson-walbrzych@wp.pl , web-site http://dson.hb.pl